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Lackner McLennan insurance is Canada’s largest in insurance provider to health care providers in Canada. We understand in this day and age health care has vastly transcended the conventional realm. That is why we are so excited to now offer your comprehensive, affordable professional liability insurance program. Your career has never been more important to the public then in a day of cut backs from our medical system. Even just ease of getting our professional liability insurance that is approved by the college of Naturopathic Doctors will make your practice so much easier to run. We are an insurance brokerage that prides ourselves in being available to you, the naturopathic doctor regarding your professional liability policy with Lackner McLennan Insurance

Naturopathic Doctor’s are the world’s oldest form of medicine. It’s a craft that has been perfected over centuries drawing upon natural ingredients. That being said, insurance companies have years and years of empirical data that we use to determine your professional liability premiums. With this data we believe Naturopathic Doctor’s should pay less for insurance. Learning how to use natural ingredients to cure severe diseases in a safe way is no easy feat. Sure conventional doctors can rely on manufactured chemical goods to cure but the side effects are so apparent. This is clearly seen in their professional liability rates. Naturopathic Doctors do not have same exposure so they should in enjoy lower professional liability rates.

As naturopathic doctors everyone wants a piece of your income. You are literally fee’d and marketed to by so many people trying to get a portion of your hard earned income. How about a business operation that gives you a break? Our professional liability insurance policy does just that’s. Literally saving you hundreds of dollars a year in membership fees a year just by simply not joining the association you save money and you get great professional liability insurance! Naturopathic doctors play a crucial role in today’s health care system. This can be seen in your increased demand, fee’s and the increased graduation of new peers in this industry. We feel that you deserve a break on y our professionally liability insurance and more money should stay in your pocket!

As a naturopathic doctor you spend years learning your craft. And it is always evolving should your professional liability insurance provider evolve with you? Lackner McLennan has a proven track record enhancing our professional liability insurance products for our clients. Everything from premiums, coverage’s and speed of service. As we gain clients and educate the insurance company on the high level of professionalism of Naturopathic doctors we will be able to move forward on bettering your professional liability insurance.

As a Naturopathic doctor you have a great exposure to professional liability lawsuits. Think about it, your clients are almost always already sick! There illness could get worse just from natural progression while under your guidance. And unfortunately that is a prime reason to open a professional liability lawsuit against you requiring you to have a professional liability insurance policy. Everything from being subject to a lawsuit stemming from another practitioner on the same client to someone not following your professional advice properly. All of these very real situations open you, the Naturopathic doctor to a professional liability lawsuit and the only way to protect you from these life changing risks in professional liability insurance.

Clinic’s, home offices, mobile visits all of these are options to Naturopathic Doctors. Our policy is completely mobile and covers your full scope of operations as defined by the college of occupational therapists. This allows you to work without the worrying thought “Am I covered?” nagging in the back of your head. Also in event of a claim you are not calling a large insurance brokerage that will treat you blandly, you have a dedicated broker and insurance representative to work with you for a claim.


This professional Liability  did exactly what you said it does. Insurance is worth much more than I paid. We were treated like royalty. Thanks for the great service.